Hede Kerstin Luik

I have always been interested in the Why:
why people act, talk, think and feel the way they do. For over 20 years the central focus of my daily work has been how to influence people’s attitudes and behavior.

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Change management, strategy, organizational culture, communication, virtual teams


How to be more effective leader, increase your charisma and be a better speaker

Service Design

Service design uses design thinking based on customer insights in creating new services or developing existing ones

Hede Kerstin Luik has focused on how to influence people’s attitudes and behavior as her daily work for over 20 years. Today Hede is a leadership coach and consultant. She holds a Master’s in Change from INSEAD.

Hede’s work as the Head of the Communications at the North Estonia Medical Centre keeps her constantly growing and her skills current. Previously, Hede managed Statoil’s marketing and PR, helping Statoil become a strong market leader in the Baltic’s. She has been the Head of British Council in Estonia, a global cultural organization, managed pan-European creative economy project and was CEO at advertising agency affiliated with TBWA\ global network.
Hede does team coaching and individual work with managers to help overcome challenges and foster growth mainly in three areas:

– leadership development: leadership skills, motivation, decision-making competencies, presentation skills, management of virtual teams, self-management and burnout prevention;

– organizational development: organizational culture, internal and external communication, marketing and brand, story-telling method, team results and cooperation, including virtual  teams;

– customer insight: service design and customer relationship management.

For me, Hede’s specialty is her high cultural sensitivity,


“.. her precise perception of   partner and situation, combined with passion, quick thinking and sharp wit.  I have seen Hede up close as a consultant solving highly complex leadership situations. All this gives efficacy and originality to Hede’s solutions. Contact with Hede has always been exciting.”

Mare Pork, management consultant & adviser, Professor of clinical psychology at TU


Hede asks good questions and also listens inbetween the lines.


“Hede is genuinely interested in people, their inner world and that they are doing well. He asks excellent questions and also listens inbetween the lines. Hede knows how to look at challenges from a new angle, so that new solutions start to emerge. He has a lot of energy and it transfers to others as well”.

Peep Vain, Vain & Partners

I really appreciate Hede’s creativity and original thoughts.


Hedes has enough maturity and life experience, making her perfect fit to work with very different people. A coach needs the ability to go beyond the usual, to think outside the system and routine to help clients move on from where they are stuck. Hede has the courage to think thoughts that have not been thought of before, and while being on the ground with two feet, she also knows how to implement those ideas. This is the basis of her own success, and as a coach, she can also teach it to others.”

Marina Paula Eberth, HTI

I have been very fortunate to work with many fascinating professionals