What can coaches do for you?

by Diane Coutu & Carol Kauffman, HBR Jan 2009

In the seventeenth century, the French statesman Cardinal Richelieu relied heavily on the advice of Father François Leclerc du Tremblay, known as France’s éminence grise for his gray monk’s habit. Like the famous cardinal, today’s business leaders have their gray eminences. LOE EDASI

Getting ‘unstuck’: Does your life need a coach?

By A. Pawlowski, CNN
“Where do you see yourself in five or 10 years?” It’s one of those questions many job-seekers dread during an interview, but it can be daunting to answer on a personal level as well. Amid all your responsibilities, activities and projects, it’s sometimes hard to see the big picture and easy to become overwhelmed or feel like you’re lacking direction. Seeking serenity or direction in your life? The growing number of life coaches want to help. LOE EDASI